GiraCom is an owner-managed agency for digital projects.

We develop creative marketing and communication strategies for medium-sized businesses and internationally active companies.

We digitise business processes and support this transformation process with customised IT solutions.

As a owner-managed full-service agency, we increase the presence, reach and turnover of our clients with a holistic approach.

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Icon Megaphon für Marketing und Kommunikation

Marketing and communication

"Content is King!" A short sentence quickly gets to the point: Take care of your core business, in order to ensure the high quality of your products and services. We take care of the creative presentation so that the world can discover your great offer.

  • Analysis and advice
  • Strategy and conception
  • Corporate Design
  • Branding
  • Content creation
  • Online advertising
  • Project management

We design:

  • Logos, Signets and Pictograms
  • Word and figurative marks
  • Texts (naming, slogans, brand and product stories, brochures, websites, social media, newsletters)
  • Business equipment
  • Correspondence media
  • Style guides and design manuals
  • Brochures (image, products, service)
  • Folders and flyers
  • Annual/sustainability reports
  • Catalogues
  • Company presentations
  • Trade fair appearances and presentations
  • Advertisements and posters
  • Roll-ups and displays
  • Packaging
  • Online banners
  • Video short clips
  • E-books
  • Social media campaigns
  • Ads campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Mail footers
Icon Diagramme auf Bildschirm für Entwicklung und Technologie

Development and technology

What good is the best online strategy without the best possible implementation? That’s because creative strategists and clever developers work hand in hand with us, meaning that both coordination and quality losses are avoided. Our digital applications have been achieving top performance. Since 1998.

  • Analysis, advice and conception 
  • Web, UX/UI and Responsive Design
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Search engine optimisation (on-page)
  • Hosting and network solutions
  • Project management 

We develop:

  • Websites with responsive frontends
  • Online shops
  • Landing pages
  • Microsites
  • Portals
  • Blogs
  • Newsletter systems
  • Web-based apps
  • Company networks

We operate:

  • Name server (incl. domain registration)
  • Web server
  • Application server
  • Database server
  • E-mail server
  • IT security systems
Icon Clipboard für Service und Support

Service and

We offer reliable support for all business areas, consisting of targeted, coordinated services. We support and advise our clients on the secure and long-term operation of their projects.

  • Consultation and needs analysis
  • Social media and newsletter service
  • Search Engine Service (SEO/SEA)
  • Content service
  • Maintenance service incl. monitoring
  • Editorial support
  • Training sessions

We supervise:

  • Social media channels
  • Search engine campaigns
  • Web presences (system, content, SEO)
  • Online shops (system, content, SEO)
  • Web apps (system, content)
  • Content management systems
  • Editors and system administrators
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Here, you can see an exemplary selection of our current internet and software projects. Since our clients are also supported by us in other business areas beyond the individual project, we also refer to our overall performance within the project presentations.

Entrance University of Witten / Herdecke

Universität Witten/Herdecke

We have been working for UWH, a private university from Witten-Herdecke, since 2017.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Carpet from Anker in cross-section


We have been working for ANKER, an internationally active carpet manufacturer from Düren, since 2010.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Calculator with paper, pen and paper clip

Märkische Revision

We have been working for Märkische Revision, a tax consultancy and auditing company from Essen, since 2018.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Book pages turned open


We have been working for Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, a publisher for the fields of law, humanities and social sciences from Baden-Baden, since 2008.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Electric motor with control

Oriental Motor

We have been working for Oriental Motor, a global manufacturer of electric motors, since 2004.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Frau am Laptop


We have been working for ÖRAG, an insurance company of the Sparkassen-Finanzverbund, an association of building societies, since 2017.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Cup with ribbon

Vereinsbedarf SACK

We have been working for SACK, a Germany-wide manufacturer of club supplies, since 1999.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

two loaves of bread

Mill Kottmann

We have been working for Mühle Kottmann, a traditional family business from Grevenbroich, since 1999.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Company sign at the building entrance


We have been working for fairconcept, a facility management service provider from Düsseldorf, since its foundation in 2005.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Hand filling in a form

Deutsche Assistance

We have been working for Deutsche Assistance, a central partner company of public insurers and savings banks based in Düsseldorf, since 2019.

Take a look at our services and work results here.



We have been working for ANHÄNGERWIRTZ, one of the oldest suppliers of car trailers in the Rhineland, since 2006.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Sound evaluation in a low-reflection room

ISRW Klapdor

We have been working for ISRW Klapdor, an institute for sound engineering, room acoustics and thermal insulation from Düsseldorf, since 2011.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Team of the tax consultancy firm BHR+


We have been working for BHR+, a merger of the tax consulting firms "Bochenek" (Düsseldorf) and "HEUER HOFFMEISTER REINHARDT" (Grevenbroich, Weißwasser, Grimma), since 1999.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

Screenshot of the staff newsletter archive

Rheinischer Sparkassen- und Giroverband

We have been working for the Rheinischer Sparkassen- und Giroverband (Rhineland Building Society and Giro Association) from Düsseldorf, which acts as the umbrella organisation and lobby group for the building societies in the Rhineland, since 2019.

Take a look at our services and work results here.

GiraCom and the giraffe  –
what do the two have to do with each other?

A question that is asked time and again. For us, the giraffe embodies foresight and overview.

Qualities with which we keep an eye on current trends and technologies, in order to be able to use them within our projects. The giraffe has been part of our logo since 1998, our founding year.

We offer a full service in the areas of marketing, communication, development and technology. Our commitment ranges from planning and implementation to long-term support for digital, as well as analogue projects.

As digital has been at the core of our corporate DNA for over 20 years, we have developed a very special strength in this area. We work alongside companies in their digital transformation and provide a wide range of services to ensure the secure and sustainable operation of the jointly developed projects and solutions.

Our client base ranges from medium-sized businesses to educational institutions and internationally active companies. Many have found their way to us because they are convinced of our committed, structured and client-oriented approach.

You too can benefit from our creativity and experience when implementing your next project!
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Icon Year of foundation

Founded in 1998

Icon team members

11 team members

Icon customers

100 clients

Teamwork is very important to us. 

Essentially, it's like football: The individual players have to function as a team in order to deliver the best possible result on the pitch.

It is no different with us!

A well-coordinated and experienced team in the areas of consulting, planning, communication and software development ensures the best possible results. On a project basis, we draw on external design, multimedia, video and search engine know-how, in order to be able to implement even very special requirements perfectly.

With creative ideas, commitment and reliability, we contribute to the success of your projects and ensure optimal results through thorough planning and agile working methods.

Curious? If we have piqued your interest, we cordially invite you to get to know us so that you can entrust us with your next project.

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